Love Cows, Protect Cows

Market oriented dairies and the economics of (milk) production is driving almost our entire cattle to the slaughterhouse.

Love cows
Save cows
– Guru Lalitendra, Sanatan Mission

There was a time when villagers, owning a number of cows, even had to go through long phases  without any milk. Whereas now, we are living in an era when there is no shortage and milk pouches in any quantity can be purchased any time off the shelf. Thanks to the white revolution. Let’s not forget, large-scale milk production or commercially produced milk is not cruelty-free. Every time we are holding a cup of mass produced milk, tea or consuming any milk product, the cattle providing us that milk is getting ready to be slaughtered.

Sanatan Mission lends support to cow protection activity and also proposes to set up a model “Gau-Shala” near Bhopal. It is our resolve and commitment that the cows we bring under our roof will never go to the slaughterhouse. They will live with us.

For Guru Lalitendra “Cow Protection” is a passion for life