Sanatan Mission and its Greening of Planet Earth Campaign

Sanatan Mission had marked the World Environment Day on 5 June 2019 by launching “Greening of Planet Earth Campaign” at Sanatan Kendra at Bilkisganj, about 30 kms from Bhopal by planting 1000 teak and 1500 guava saplings, besides a large number of amla and moringa saplings and today the Kendra set up on a barren piece of land has come alive with so much green cover.

Sanatan Kendra now boasts of cattle wealth and the use of cattle manure, or cow dung and urine, has enriched the soil. Cow urine is is also acting as alternative to chemical fertiliser and pesticide for crops. Fermented cow urine is also providing organic nutrients that are enhancing soil fertility.

Prof GD Singh, is a well known scholar, academician and a member of the Sanatan Mission Board of Advisers. He has played the key role in giving shape and bringing to its present form the Sanatan Kendra at Bilkisganj. He is the moving spirit behind the slogan “Come Plant a Sapling and Enjoy the Fruit” (आएं वृक्ष लगाएं और फल का आनंद लें) .

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