After the Corona crisis we will need leaders to reset the ethical ways

Dr Bala S Kumble

Human nature is a bit funny. After the COVID-19 crisis is over, we don’t know if unethical individuals will still act and continue to be what they were before or learn a “moral” lesson🤔
History has taught us that the current Coronavirus like incidences are not new. I’m sure Hindus have gone through this when human society almost vanished, and hence “Sanathana Dharma” came into Vogue.
History also tells us that with the rise of Buddhism, the Indian society became negligent, and went into decline. As Buddha spoke of “Nirvana” – nothing after death, the there was the simultaneous emergence of the Charvaka philosophy. People interpreted it as “Enjoy everything now, do what you want to do, as there is nothing after life”. I think we live like that in the current context.
Fortunately then, some spiritual leaders like Shankara (I consider him more as a Scientist & Philosopher, than a religious leader), Ramanuja and Madhawa, who re-set Hinduism to counter Christianity and then Islam’s aggressive moves. In a crisis like this, we need strong leaders, to re-set Ethical ways

The author Dr Bala S Kumble is Managing Director InnovaSierra, Melbourne, Australia.