Guru Lalitendra underscores the importance of environment protection

Sehore (Central India): Guru Lalitendera, who has founded the Sanatan Mission for the purpose of global peace, harmony and happiness and is popular in the world of journalism as Lalit Shastri, has undescored that all should be aware of the factors threatening the environment, eco-system, forests and wildlife.

Guru Lalitendra was addressing a national seminar on Environmental Ethics and Conservation at the Post Graduate College at Sehore in the central Indian State of Madhya Pradesh. He spoke about the importance of arriving at the truth through research and logic and said that every citizen, in all walks of life have a role to play when it comes to the protection of environment and conservation. He warned against reckless firewood and minor forest produce collection, and illegal mining.

Guru Lalitendra laid special emphasis on the need to protect biotic pyramid with the tiger sitting at the apex, the “living forests” and the natural river system.